Human Rights Violations During The Diamond Industry

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Although the war is now over, it still does not mean people are still suffering from the effects of the war. It is also said that there are many issues with child labor in the diamond industry being that because they have small hands, it is easier for them to sift through the diamonds easily. This allows for efficient mining. Today, workers get an average wage of 0.07 cents a day. The workers are heavily underpaid which shows the major unjust issues when it comes to labor in the diamond industry. Labor regulation is not heavily found in the country which means various people can simply start mining for diamonds, as long as they know how to use. There are millions of workers who help boost the industry as a whole but that doesn’t mean that…show more content…
Their goal is in the name, it is to stop blood diamonds from being in the industry. It also calls for the use of legit governmental action to help make rules in order for the economy to be helped by their resources. They are looking for methods to ensure that conflict diamonds are as conflict-free as possible. This organization understands how precious diamonds are but the corruption that is related to the conflict diamonds is naturally not necessary. Another major one is Global Witness. It is an organization that actually helped bring conflict diamonds to the forefront. As said earlier, just because it is not readily found in the news doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening. Global Witness decided to expose this issue because of the problematic schemes of the blood diamond conflict. Global Witness is an organization that is all about increasing wide spread knowledge on issues that relate to things like human rights abuses and corruption which help to bring about a more hands-on approach to combat the injustices of the world. There is also working to eliminate the conflict or at least reduce it to a lower percentage as much as possible. Global Witness has a large campaign to continue to bring about awareness to these human rights issues. “Companies buying or trading rough and polished diamonds should take steps – known as due diligence – to find out whether their purchases have funded conflict or human rights abuses at any point in the supply chain” (Human Rights Watch,

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