Human Rights Violations

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In rural areas, of Egypt, more than 250,000 girls are circumcised, without their consent, each year (Murphy). This is not a choice that they make, it is a choice that the mother or father of these girls makes. If these girls were to grow up in urban Egypt, would it still happen? The answer is that it usually would not. The oppression of young girls is typically limited to the rural areas of Egypt. In Egypt, in 1996, it was against the law for girls to have this procedure. However, that did not stop the procedures from happening. Instead, the clinics just disappeared. Parents could simply call the barber down the street and he would bring in a razor and antiseptic and start cutting parts of the labia. This would cost around seven dollars…show more content…
Often at times if a police officer is suspicious a citizen is gay, he will be arrested, and taken to jail and receive jail time for his criminal act (Ackerman). These arrests will sometimes take place even without tests. Since January 2001, over 140 men have been arrested on vice charges ranging from "debauchery" to "inducing passersby to commit indecent acts” (Murphy). These are the same charges were used to persecute prostitutes, when they first came about. The government is saying the two crimes are equal. While the government punishes homosexuals, citizens argue: "There is no explicit punishment for gays in the Koran” (Azimi). With no religious opposition, why is the government so against something that means so little? The government is having police make accounts on homosexual websites posing as a guy with a lonely heart as a way to lure the men in. When they eventually meet up they are arrested for no apparent reason. The punishment, other than jail, is harsh they are beaten and it goes as far as the citizens sometimes being killed. And if it is not the police harassing the men, what about other inmates? And it is a way for the men to meet outside of the internet and clubs even if they are in a jail house and their moves are being watched, because nobody can see their every single move. The government forgets “People have the right to reject homosexuality.” (El-Magd). A lot of people are born homosexual and are forced to live a life in

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