Human Rights Violations In Venezuela

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Since the early 2000’s, Venezuela has struggled with their government and citizens have revolted as a result. Human rights violations have become a big issue in Venezuela and there has been a lack of responsibility taken by those who commit these violations. This problem has progressively gotten worse over the years and as the situation in Venezuela worsens. Venezuela is still a developing country and its citizens have been losing more and more rights instead of gaining them. However, it has been difficult for other actors to intervene because of the complexity involved with these issues. Human rights violations are serious and need to be controlled before the country gets to the point where it can no longer be fixed. The situation in Venezuela has gotten to where it is now mostly due to factors within the country like the oppressive government but also other indirect factors like its relationship with the United States and the lack of help from outside actors. Once understanding the causes that led to this state in Venezuela, change can be implemented so that peace can be created within its borders.
Venezuela began getting rid of its democratic government during the presidency of Hugo Chavez in the early 2000’s and continued into the presidency of Nicolás Maduro in 2013. Both men put overwhelming power on the executive branch while also taking away many rights from their citizens. As the government became more and more oppressive, this prompted civilians to protest against
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