Essay on Human Rights, War and Terrorism

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Human Rights, War and Terrorism

After every war come the peace talks; after millions of people had been killed. After the terrorist attacks comes the investigation, reason, or counter-terrorism; after lives had been wasted. There is time for the nations of the world to come together to understand one another in order to avoid war and terrorism and that time is now. War is as old as man. It is a reign of terror when people are always on the run, always hungry, always cold, and homeless and killed in hundreds, thousands, and sometimes in millions. War and terrorism are almost synonymous since the result of both is the loss of lives. It is said that when lessons are not learnt from historical event,
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HUMAN RIGHTS, WAR AND TERRORISM: THE WAY FORWARD ================================================

Human rights are things which belong to us simply because we are human beings. Human rights are about you, me, us, them, and how we "should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. The foundation of human rights is based on freedom, justice and peace. Human rights as a whole can be traced to the Divine laws, the African communal concept, natural law school of thought, the socialist/Marxist concept, the positivist school, the sociological school of thought, etc. Human rights violations are carried out by governments on their citizens and also rampant in international politics. All human rights are important. All human rights are universal, interrelated, interdependent and indivisible. For example, the rights to life, right to health and right to peace all go hand in hand. A country at war disrespects its citizen's right to life and as such cannot guarantee the right to peace or the right to health of those that are wounded on the battle field.

The recognition of war as an alternative means of solving disputes runs contrary to the principles of human rights. The justification of any war is relative. The shorter Oxford English Dictionary defines war as "any hostile contention by means of armed forces,
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