Human Rights for Native Americans Trampled throughout History

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America is, and was, never as equal as we like to think. Most of that comes from us, as humans, thinking that we are superior to other races, genders, or groups of people in general. First we had issues with how we treated the Native Americans when the colonists arrived. Yes the colonists tried to have as little conflict as possible, when they came over to settle this new land, they saw the Natives as “savages”. From then on, we used them as slaves, which progressed into slavery of other races, Hispanics, Africa-Americans, and even our own race, simply because they were not as rich or as high on the social ladder. Eventually they broke free of those reins, but we still had issues. Starting in the early to mid-1800s, people began to try and take the land, which they thought was theirs because they were ignorant, that the Native Americans had owned for who knows how long. The same land that they had grown up on. The same land that their ancestors had lived on for so long, and where they buried their dead. When Andrew Jackson came to office, the poor Cherokee’s, among other tribes, world came crashing down on top of them, as they were removed from their land, and taken on a trip, which became known as the trail of tears, or “The Trail that we cried on.” The trail itself led them to the Indian Containment Zone, or the “ICZ”, in present day Arizona. In that time frame, Andrew Jackson; a long supporter of the Indian removal act, among the many citizens of the United States,
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