Human Rights from Different Perspectives

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These actions and behaviors oriented toward the common basic good are not limited to a particular population, but extend especially to the poor and vulnerable. Divisions between rich and poor grow daily, but the needs of the poor and vulnerable must be met first ("Catholic Social Teaching"). Optimum health is an ideal that should not discriminate, but supports health for all people. Because all human life is equally significant and should be equally respected, health is a state that all people should be able to pursue if they choose to do so. This ensures that all people have the option of being fully contributing members of society, not limited by illness or burdened by the expense of healthcare. Patients can be included in the category of ‘vulnerable’, as they are often uneducated about medicine and unable to help themselves. This claim is grounded in the principle that all human beings are united with one another. The human society is one community that must pursue justice and peace for all of its members ("Catholic Social Teaching"). Catholic Social Thought says that we are all in solidarity with one another and as a result should promote the mutual basic goods of both ourselves and others. We may do so by conceding that healthcare is indeed a human right. A human right, as defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is “a right that belongs to an individual as a consequence of being human” and is an entitlement that all beings deserve. Healthcare is a human right that
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