Human Sacrifice Research Paper

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Which Should be Emphasized: Human Sacrifice or Agriculture

You are a Spanish Conquistador, you have been sailing for months on end, you have hiked miles upon miles, to finally find a civilization, the civilization is on an island and is surrounded by floating gardens, you are flabbergasted by this place so you decide to stay for a while. When you are greeted they try to explain what is happening in their city, no one in your group understands their native tongue. As you stand in the crowd at the bottom of the steps, you see them slice open a prisoner, pull out his heart and raise it to the sun, then they throw the heart to a shrine, and to finish it off they kick the body down the steps and it lands at your feet. You are horrified, you have seen things before that you wish you didn’t but this is above all the worst. From the years 1350-1519 this was an annual event every year in the Valley of Mexico, in areas controlled by the Aztecs. So should historians emphasize Human Sacrifice or the Floating Gardens? During this essay we will
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The Aztecs had about one hundred and five thousand square miles of land around the date of 1502. This was around the time of the Aztecs fall to the Spanish. According to the map Territorial Acquisitions by Aztec Rulers clearly states, “Independent territories on the map were sometimes the result of a deliberate policy that unoccupied lands remain available for future “flower wars,””if you look at the map it shows empty splotches. When the map said “deliberate policy… unoccupied lands... remain available for future… “flower wars,” this means that no matter what the unoccupied lands must remain available for flower wars even if people are starving. So why would they reserve land for something that does not need
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