Human Safeguard for Employees

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Human Safeguard for Employees For a company to guarantee security and safety of its information systems, it has to first of all create appropriate position definitions where job tasks and responsibilities are clearly defined for each employee position (Whitty, 2010). This provides for separation of duties and authorities (Kroenke, 2013). This will works towards ensuring that no single person authorizes inventory withdrawal. The computer accounts will give users the least possible privilege to perform their jobs. Users whose job description does not include modification of data will be given read-only accounts. Users will therefore not access data they do not need. Creation of position definition will also ensure that security sensitivity is documented for each position (Kroenke, 2013). To guarantee security of information systems, individuals to be considered for employment positions have to be screened especially if they are to access sensitive data in their work endeavors. Extensive interviews have to be conducted and background check done (Kroenke, 2013). An employee's referees have to be scrutinized if they are to occupy highly-sensitive positions within the company. This also applies to employees who have been promoted into sensitive positions. It is impossible for employees to follow security procedures if they know little about them. It is imperative that employees are trained on security policies, procedures, and responsibilities they will assume. This should
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