Human Security Problems And The United Nations

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The actions of the Takastand government has prompted this international conference to address the human security problems and the repression of citizens in Takastand. The international community has decided according to chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations that the political, human rights and human security situation in Takastand require urgent attention and solutions. Due to its geographical, ethical, and cultural proximity to the Middle East, Takastand is at risk of becoming a violent hot spot as the events taking place in many Middle Eastern countries such as Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen could spill over to Takastand and start an armed conflict.
Moreover, the new nation-state of Takastand has been practicing an authoritative political policy on its citizens which has led to many human security issues and human rights violations. The one and only political party in Takastand consist the dominant ethnic community and discriminated against the other ethnic communities. Also, international human rights organizations have publically criticized the state of Takastand of repressing ethnic minorities and have presented evidence of mass graves. The opposition groups in Takastand have offered to stand for individual human rights and freedoms and democracy, as well as claiming that they will implement a true democracy which protects all citizens and end the country’s reliance on the West. However, as with the other ethnic groups, the position has also
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