Human Security and National Security

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HUMAN AND NATIONAL SECURITY: ENMESHING CONCEPTUALIZATION OF SECURITY PARADIGM IN EMERGING SECURITY DYNAMICS Introduction and Background In the realm of international relations and political science, there has been the recurring debate on the human versus national security. Theorists and scholars, like Goucha and Crowley (2008, 57) enrolled into the ethos of realism take the state-oriented view of the security and places the dominance of national security over human security; whereas, those who take the idealistic view of the entire episode take the human security as the primary level of security to be protected by the state (Mathew, 2010, 78). The idea of human security gained eminence in security studies with developments taken place in…show more content…
However, this new kind of perspective on security is greatly incapacitated by those who are responsible to provide the human security to all the citizens of the world. in this globalized world, where states are still at the helm of the affairs and they tend to define the idea of security and its related issues on local, national and international forums, those who propounds the idea of human security are often labeled as anti-statist agent or agents of neo-liberal agenda. Moreover, this supposed bias towards the advocates of human security is mainly due to the dual role of the state which it adopted in 20th century as a threat to its own people in the form of obnoxious ideologies like Nazism and Fascism in Germany and Italy respectively. Those who regard the concept of human security as vital for the security of the existence of the state are regarded as anachronistic in the face of new level of threats like nuclear warfare and international terrorism. Global Security Paradigm: Linking National Security with Human Security From these contrasting positions a new framework for global security emerges through which states are responsible to protect the rights of its people. But again herein comes a new idealistic problem: strong states can better protect its citizens from all kinds of imminent threats. The real reason for this problem can be attributed to the fact that majority of states in the world have developed strong military
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