Human Service 411 : 1900

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Julio Lagrule May19, 2016 BMCC / CUNY Spring 2016 Human Service 411 – 1900 The Reason Why We Need to Change the Current “Employment At-Will” Policy My annotated bibliography is on the current “Employment At-Will” policy, which is currently used by most employers to terminate employees without proper cause. The policy was first introduce in 1877 by Horace Gray Wood in treatise called “Master and Servant.” The policy provides employers and employees the freedom to terminate employment by either party at any time without any reason. This leads to the reason why I’m writing about this policy: Employers have taken advantage of this policy. They are terminating employees without any just cause. The only alternative many employees have to job security and fair labor practice is if they are covered under an employment contract that dictates that they can only be terminated under just cause. Or, if they are part of a union that has bargaining rules that dictate how termination can occur. The articles I choose for this paper will cover different areas on this topic. The first area covered is what steps employers and employees must take to work together to fully provide adequate job security and maintain the best labor force. I’m also going to cover what the process of termination would look like under a better “Just Cause” policy, and the reasoning behind why most employers like the current policy. The next article will compare the labor data from Montana, the only
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