Human Service

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Human service is an act that advances service delivery systems by addressing not only the quality of direct service but also seeking to improve accessibility, accountability, and coordination among the concerned parties. The great agenda of human service is to offer assistance to people to help them meet the needs they cannot fulfill without the extended help. The willingness to help the society is impacted by several factors which vary significantly. The essay will address the history of human services in the western culture and the factors that elements that influence the ability to help.
The human services in the Western culture was provided by the Catholic church through some figures who were considered the principal anchors of the programs such as St Francs of Aquinas
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It is not a modern concept because it has been existing since the times of the old England where the Lord had the responsibility of taking care of the sick and the old people of his realm (Woodside, 2014). Individuals who received the human service in the western culture were judged by the society whether they are deserving or not. The communities organized a system for charities and relief with the main aim of reducing the dependence on the government. The American Society has several important organizations that offered such services to needy people. These services are non-profit with most of them being run by volunteers and churches thus leading to limited ability to help. However, they depend on funding opportunities like donations and revenue-generating activities like the church after it lost it ability (Kanel & Maller, 2015). The victims may lack necessities such as food, housing, and access to medical facilities due to lack of physical or mental disabilities. Some may lack family or friends who they can rely upon thus making the situation more
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