Essay about Human Services Agency Interview

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Human Service Agency Interview
Delores Cooper
University of Phoenix
November 29, 2010
David Worsley

Human Service Agency Interview
The Human Service field is vast with different approaches based on uniquely meeting individual’s needs. Some of these needs are met through interdisciplinary knowledge, placing concentration on preventive measures as well as correcting errors of life, and up-holding responsibilities of enhancing the meaning of life. Human Services profession is one, which supports enhanced methods of service by focusing on direct services, and by enhancing accessibility, responsibility, and organization among professionals and agencies in Human Service departments,(Martin, 2007). The organization I chose is
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This organization has been in service since 1990 and services three states Louisiana, Florida, and Alabama. PHP offers more than 500 beds to individuals whom exhibit developmentally disabilities. This organization implements public-based housing and life-skill programs. PHP came into communities to provided support to disable individuals by providing opportunities to live and participate in his or her community, and reach ones full potential.
Florida, Louisiana, and Alabama companies are Intermediate Care Facilities for people with Developmental Disabilities. The facilities are licensed under Title XIX to provide residential, educational, medical, social and behavioral services to individuals who have developmental disabilities. The goal is to help residents learn basic skills so they can live with little supervision, or none. Staff members ensure that clients receive any outside or community service care they need, such as physical therapy, education, medical care, or vocational training
This organization is a small nonprofit human service provider that provides help to the disable whose disability is physical and mental. This took me back to the obligations and objectives of Human Service Professionals to
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