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Human Services Professional Case Study BSHS 355 September 16, 2014 Human Services Professional Case Study In this paper, the role of a social worker will be addressed. A Human Service professional has, in its hands, the responsibilities in the life of the clients and families they meet. The tremendous and arduous responsibilities they take on include, but are not limited to, the well-being and care of people and their communities. Such roles can be helping others manage the care of a family member, assisting individuals experiencing problems with family relations and conflicts, dealing with changes that come with growing old, aiding those suffering mental illness and or those individuals struggling with addictions. Briefly…show more content…
She is thorough in what she does and uses her prior experience and skills when interacting with her patients. She obtains a comprehensive psychological report on each client and draws decisions from the history obtained from the assessments. At community level, the social worker plays the role of advocacy. She is persuasive, assertive, and patient in her day-to-day encounter with patients. She is a community organizer; she coordinates financial aid to long-term residents without sponsorship and serves as a liaison to some of the patients she cares for. It is vital for the human service professional to provide information about social issues that are likely to affect the public (O'Hagan, 2007). As the director, at the skilled nursing facility and rehabilitation center, her job is to help individuals, families, and loved ones cope with the recent diagnosis of the client being admitted. She is instrumental in the community by helping those who can no longer help themselves. She is a social worker but assumes the role of advocate by voicing concerns from the resident to other staff and family members. Her role is to help the client maintain autonomy and dignity throughout the process of relinquishing their independency. For a professional, having to deal with an unexpected or gradual death can be devastating,

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