Human Services Professional or Social Workers Code and Ethics

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There is a pressing need for a high level of worker/client boundary identification when working within a client population, however realizing a conflict of interest scenario is vitally important when facing a dual relationship with a client. There are so many issues that are faced by a human service professional, explaining all of them may be difficult. In this field there are issues such as burnout, secondary trauma, compassion satisfaction, dual relationships, and boundary issues. (Reamer, F. (2012). As human services professional or social workers there is a code of ethics. In statement 6 of the code of ethics, it states human services experts must be mindful that in their associations with customers/clients power and status are…show more content…
In some circumstances a social worker may self-expose some things that may be helpful to the client in some ways, but be harmful in others and possibly may jeopardize the trust that the client has in the social worker. (Reamer, F. (2012). Determining the outcome is difficult; basically you have to pick you battles per-say.
As a social worker and or a human services worker we must focus on helping the client and the best interest of the client. In certain situations, we all carry to our picked range of work our own particular convictions and qualities. (SWT) Most of the clients that you come across and that you will help will be helpless, that would be why we are working with them, and are in need of a buffer from anymore abuse. We may need to change some of these convictions keeping in mind the end goal to work agreeably and for the best conclusion of our clients in the work setting. Maintaining a healthy relationship with your client you must keep tabs on moral issues identified by the “code of conduct” that you agree to when you decide to work in this field, you have to be attentive to individual qualities and how they may effect of the quality of care that you give.
In conclusion there are ways to maintain the healthy relationship with your client. No matter when the dual relationship may occur, before during or after, it should be avoided at all cost if it jeopardizes the
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