Human Sexualality

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For me sex is always an interesting topic. At the young age I was never exposed to any sexual related contents. My parents try to keep me away from it as much as possible. I think at one point they even told me it was a very bad thing to do. Throughout my life I have learn so many things about sex from my own experience and from my peers. These factors have changed my mind about sex. It wasn’t a very big deal for me till I was in the 8th grade. This is the first time I question myself how does it feel like when people engage in sexual activities and why is it so bad. I start dating my 1st girlfriend in the end of 10th grade, it was the first time I ever think about engage in sexual activities and try out what was my parents talking about,…show more content…
But thing wasn’t goes as I planned, she wanted us to split and see other people. I didn’t really understand why or how I suppose to react to this, I just feel so empty inside and I start to research more about this topic and the most important thing that completely change my mind is that sex is not just for the passion but it is the way two human expressing their love to one another. So I come up with a conclusion: my first partner and I was in this situation and I feel really bad because now I understand how she feel and I promise to myself I will not treat sex simply for the passion but treat it more important, take other people feeling into consideration and be careful who I having sex with. I’m finally 21 years old and currently dating. At first my girlfriend was very shy with me and I can feel that she a little bit afraid because she is a very traditional Vietnamese girl. Every time I talk to her about sex she always say that I’m a bad boy and she doesn’t want to talk about that topic. I simply just laugh it off, but after a while I start to want her to explore my mind and see sex the way I see and I was gladly show her and explain everything she want to know about sex. I showed her that sex is not a good thing it is just the way people expressing the love for each other and the result is draw the couple closer to each other. We finally reach the point where we are so comfortable to make sex joke about each other and talk about sex

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