Human Sexuality And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Throughout the semester, we learned about different aspects of human sexuality. Regardless of the subject, the most important take away is diversity. All the sections discussed in and outside of class demonstrate how sexually diverse people are around the world. In order to truly understand how widespread and diverse sexuality is; we explored cultures, evolution, studies, biology, religion, physiology, and psychology. By delving into these categories, we can comprehend sexuality and apply our knowledge to a greater number of people. One sexual phenomenon covered in class is intersexual people and what factors play role in this condition. Due to the variety of conditions, the world of intersexual people tends to be tremendously diverse. Today, schools across the world provide different forms of sexual education to their students. Overall, students should be educated in order to better protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. When men and women decide to become sexually active, is it vital that they are educated enough to be responsible. Human sexuality is a subject that cannot be avoided, therefore, everyone should have a baseline knowledge of the diverse topics.

Men and women can be differentiated based upon their sexual reproductive organs. A phenomenon called intersex is when someone’s biological sex is unclear. The people that fall into the intersex category are not a consistent male or female (Hyde 99). In class we discussed the
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