Essay on Human Sexuality

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u08a1 Case Study Counseling Plan
Due 6/3/12

Dr. Sternberg-- instructor

By Elaine V. Y.


Page 1-------Table of Content

Page 2--------An Assessment of the sexuality of the couple’s relationship;

Page 3-------- Dynamics of the relationship; Multi-axial diagnostic;

Page 5---- Sexual Response; Analysis and comparison of the sexual response cycle and the concept of sexual normality

Page 6-7-----Goals for Treatment

Page 8------ Ethical and culturally-relevant approaches to treating any sexual issues

Assessment of Sexual Issues

James and Mary
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Analysis and comparison of the sexual response cycle and the concept of sexual normality

Professionals need to be able to discuss sexual functioning, sexual normality and dysfunction with the client. It is important to know about the sexual response cycle, sexual dysfunction problems, gender and cultural issues concerning sexuality. The sexual response cycle helps highlight where sexual dysfunction may occur. In contrast, sexual normality is also represented on this cycle as a positive validation of one’s anticipation which therefore crystallizes one’s experience leading to further positive anticipation (Sewell, 2005).The response cycle starts in the arousal or excitement phase but it would be most useful to consider a desire phase that goes before the arousal or the excitement phase. During the desire phase, physiological sexual arousal is not of primary importance. The sexual response cycle is characterized by physiological and psychological shifts. Psychologically, there is an increase in erotic thoughts (the specific content of which is highly individualized) and a heightened awareness of pleasure sensations from erogenous body zones. With increasing physiological arousal, there is a narrowing of attention such that focal cues are processed intensely whereas non-focal cues are less likely than usual even to be noticed. Physically, the heart rate increases as well as respiration which

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