Human Sexuality Essay

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Legretta Williams- Anderson Module 1: Assignments Professor Dr. Brenda L. McCaa-Buckley PSY-225 Human Sexuality 14-Mar-2011 (O101) Instructions: In each box, identify the terms you use with each of the important people in your life. Use your answers to complete the “Becoming Comfortable With Sexual Language” assignment in Module 1. Sexual Communication Exercise | Same Sex Peers | Partner | Parent | Doctor | Male Genitalia | Dick | Thang | Pee Pee | Penis | Female Genitalia | Cat | Friend | Jimmy | Vagina | Intercourse | Interment | Making Love | Sex | Sexual Intercourse | Compare and Contrast Sexual Terms According to our lecture sexuality activity has improved and became open more and more as the years…show more content…
This would keep the level of conversation respectful without my mother looking at me in a certain type of way. What is similar is the fact that my mother and I can still have a conversation about sex. My parents on the other hand is very open and will answer whatever questions that me or my children may have, but she will keep the entire conversation private. That is where I learned to keep my activity in a private setting. Society Conversation According to Dr. Brenda L. McCaa-Buckley 2011 lecture, Haroian (2000) explained that society will view human sexuality either positive or negative. Some may feel that in speaking out in the open is a good thing, while others believe things should be kept to themselves. In speaking with my same sex peers, I use different working when it comes to the private parts of males and females. For example, I would say something like “this guy looks like he has a huge dick”, or “my coochie is for me to chose who to give it to”, and in speaking of sex in general it would be “I can’t wait to be knocking boots tonight”. But in speaking like that is all fun and jokes. The terms would change based on whom I am speaking with. For those that is not that close, I would use the terms such as male and female genitalia, and use the word intercourse when speaking of sex. Then when you listen to the younger generation asking if their friends
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