Human Sexuality Notes Essay

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MIDTERM #3 CH. 9 SEXUAL BEHAVIORS CELIBACY Complete celibacy - a person who does not masturbate or have interpersonal sexual contact. Partial celibacy- does not have interpersonal sexual contact, but still masturbates. Celibacy or abstinence is an option until the person is ready for a sexual relationship- and becomes a positive act. Religion/morals: becoming a priest or a nun includes a vow of celibacy, celibacy until marriage, personal criteria for a good sexual relationship has been met, have experienced sexual confusion or disappointment in the past EROTIC DREAMS AND FANTASY -mental experiences (books, drawings, movies, photos) ways to explore and express experiences, feelings, and desires. Erotic dreams:…show more content…
Maltz Hierarcy- he sees sexual energy as a neutral force- the intent and consequences of sexual behavior can lead in pos or neg directions (married couples- can be passionate or spousal rape) 3 levels: Positive: emotional openness, lovemaking experiences! Level +1: positive role fulfillment - social-role behavior - religious or cultural duty; sex for reproduction Level +2- Making Love - pleasure focused - mutuality - experimentation Level +3- Authentic sexual intimacy - emotional openness and closeness; feelings of ecstasy Sexual energy (ground zero) Negative- sexual interactions may be upsetting or traumatic Level –1 Impersonal interaction - sexually transmitted diseases - or well-being of self and other Level –2 Abusive Interaction - sexual dominance and coercion Level –3 Violent Interaction - sex used to express hostility - rape KISSING AND TOUCHING Kissing: can be intense, erotic, profound Touching: 1st and most important sense that we experience - does not need to be directed to an erogenous area to be sexual- anywhere can enhance sexual intimacy. Pleasurable to both the receiver and the giver. - Breast stimulation- a favorite for men and woman, some reach orgasm (some hate it) Size doesn't matter. Genital stimulation Females: - variation in moment and in women - gentle/firm movement around vulva - clitoris stimulation- along side or above too - insertion of finger into vagina- enhance arousal - anal
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