Human Sexuality

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Throughout the ages, our society has documented homosexuality. Within our culture, homosexuality has been largely condemned. In looking at the historical perspective of homosexuality, the responses were different with each society that was dealing with it. The Greeks were okay with it due to their belief that some of their mythical gods were engaging in homosexual behavior. Christianity denounced those sexual associations and made their belief and intentions clear that this behavior was not to continue. The legal system became intertwined with the Christian belief that homosexuality was sinful and would punish inappropriate sex acts as criminal offenses (Rathus, Nevid, & Fichner-Rathus, 2005).
Heritage is another perspective to consider.
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Even at such a young age, I knew I was attracted to females, even before perspectives on "normal" or gay relationships were drilled into my mind by society. What is not to love about the female body?
The primary issue I have with all of the perspectives covered in textbooks is that they all operate from the premise that something is amiss or wrong within the individual that leads to the individual becoming gay. This view, that something went wrong to make an individual gay, undoubtedly makes it incredibly difficult for a gay individual to admit, live openly, and adequately adjust to being gay. Perhaps there are biological, psychological, societal, and other aspects that may influence an individual's sexual preference, but perhaps the real fallacy exists in the belief that God created the gay individual to be anything other than who and what he or she is. The real issue should not by what went wrong that caused an individual to be gay, but why is the gay individual not afforded the same rights that the heterosexual takes for granted every day.
In conclusion, homosexuality is gaining acceptance, or at least better than it once was fifty years ago. Homosexuals are gaining more rights and they do not have to hide themselves the way they use to in fear of rejection or shame. Nonetheless, there is more distance to go in the striving for full
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