Human Sexuality Essay

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Why use of contraception in accordance with your needs is associate with physical and mental well-being throughout the lifespan. Although the argument can be made that people are never truly ready to have children, it is clear that timing is everything for humans when it comes to reproduction. Unplanned teen pregnancies create a vicious cycle of welfare motherhood that is difficult to break unless contraception is used to prevent these pregnancies in the first place. Using contraceptives responsibly can clearly contribute to the mental well-being of single young people who enjoy sex but do not want the lifelong responsibility of children yet. It is reasonable to suggest that a single young mother with three or four screaming babies and…show more content…
Indeed, people’s sexual identity is fluid and can change over time, from time to time, and even hour to hour. It is reasonable to suggest that many people may become confused by these powerful forces in their lives that defy easy explanation or understanding, but which compel them to pursue relationships of one type or another that are congruent with their current sense of sexual identity. To the extent that these relationships are consistent with their existing sense of sexual identity will likely be the extent to which their mental well-being is enhanced. When people’s mental well-being is enhanced, it follows that their physical well-being will be too since these conditions are inextricably interrelated. For instance, in some cases, people who deny or who are confused by their sexuality may suffer from depression or anxiety in ways that harm their physical well-being. Moreover, people who suffer from a confused sexual identity may avoid any type of relationship out of a powerful fear of “learning the truth” about themselves. This type of confused sexual identity can further socially isolate them from other people in ways that will also detract from their mental well-being. Likewise, people who do not explore and understand their sexuality in healthy ways may engage in risky behaviors such as unprotected sex or substance abuse that severely detract from their mental and physical well-being. These mental and physical
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