Human Side of Management Essay

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Human Side of Management

20 February 2013


The Human Side of Management concentrates on the benefits of treating your human resources as people versus concentrating on which is better, a Manager or a Leader. It details the benefits gained by treating people with the same respect, courtesy and genuine concern you would want shown to you, your children, or spouse. Humanizing employees is a simple concept with many benefits that outweigh any negative impacts one person may attempt to create by trying to take advantage of a manager/leader that uses the human side of management.

Human Side of Management

Management versus leadership has been a point of contention for years but regardless of being a good manager or
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As one of my classmates stated: Leaders must have the characteristic to inspire and vision to help… A leader is a visionary, who must have the ability to see the bigger picture of things. This quality will help a good manager build a self driven team. Delegation becomes easy for a manager who has a self driven team (Emmanuel Yaw Osei, Week 4 Conference, Chapters 7 & 8, 2013). With a self-driven team, you as a manager/leader have more freedom to work on the minute details required of being a manager without having to worry about the day-to-day “goings on” and you don’t have to micromanage. You want your employees to be effective and empowered to make decisions without depending on you for every decision. It is the human side of management that leads to employees making the right decisions; decisions that will not have a negative impact on the agency/organization. It is the empowered employee that finds improved ways of doing their job, better serves customers and is motivated to achieve the organizations goals (Contemporary Business, 2011). With any good there is also a bad side to every idea
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