Human Skills 2.07

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152).What do you think each person does in their job? 1-I think the person in the picture is testing water slides. 2-The person on the photo is testing food. 2)What skills do these people need to do their job well? 1-Persons carrying out such work can't be afraid of heights 2-Such person must have a great sense of taste. 3)What positive and negative aspects of these jobs can you think of? 1-The negative is that the work is dangerous.The positive is that we can have fun and feel the adrenaline. 2-The negative is that we can be fat.The positive is that we can learn a lot of new flavors. 156) 1-The most popular work 30 years ago was a stockbroker.Today there are very few 2-A profession that has disappeared or is disappearing watchmaker. Currently
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