Human Smuggling And Human Trafficking

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Human smuggling is defined as the act of facilitating, transporting or aiding the illegal entry of a person or persons across an international border, deliberately evading the country 's immigration laws. Human trafficking is similar, but not quite the same since the person being trafficked has not given consent, while smuggling is under an agreement between smuggler and customer. A victim of trafficking is also usually treated as possession to be controlled and exploited ("Human Trafficking Gale") . Human smuggling and trafficking both have damaging effects and the causality is left with physical, mental and emotional scars. A majority of the people that are being affected are migrants from Central America or residents of the Mexican highlands hoping to get work on farms or construction sites in the U.S. Being smuggled across the border is very problematic. Not only because there is a high risk of being caught, but if they are able to make it across they are generally unable to pay for food, transportation and often don 't speak English.("Dying to Leave.") Victims of trafficking are primarily young children or women whose purpose is to either be used as slave labor or some sort of sexual exploitation like prostitution. Human smuggling and trafficking is such an important issue to resolve because it’s a violation of human rights, a form of organized crime, undermines human safety and even threatens development prospects in many regions around the world ("Human Trafficking.")
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