Human Society Is A Biological Miracle

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The human society is a biological miracle. Humans have developed and changed over time to not only withstand forces of nature such as disease, and natural disasters; but have developed the knowledge and technology to overcome issues like transportation, and famine. With the constant unwavering success of the human society, and the lack of competition to maintain top position of the global food chain, humans have become the most stable species on the planet. However, being the most stable species is not the easiest title to maintain. There are multiple factors that could easily dethrone the human species from their top spot, and each of these factors are self-inflicted. One of the main concerns humans are faced with is world population. From the very beginning of human society procreation was vital due to high rates of child mortality, and lesser lifespans. The need for human society to develop and become a stable species meant that increasing the population was necessary. However, as the world became more industrialized, the need for increased human population vanished. Some would argue that it has been replaced with the need to decrease the population drastically. Can the structure of human society globally reconstruct how they have been looking at procreation for hundreds of thousands of years to fit the modern day issue of limited resources? Some say the changes are already in place, while others fear for the environmental impact our society will have on the near future.

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