Human Space Exploration Essay

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Why Robotic Space Exploration is Better than Human Space Exploration

The space is a marvelous place where it is fated for humans to go and explore, just like how humans explored the new world back in the Medieval age. For the past decades, people have sent up men and women, and machines to the space for the sake of space exploration. Even with this great amount of time, the debate over Robots Vs. Humans for space exploration hasn’t come to a settle yet. With that said, Robot Vs. Human Space Exploration will be discussed, and it will be emphasized on why Robotic Space Mission is better than Human Space Mission.

The very first problem is the issue on budget to send people out to the space and maintain their life. With the current
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To back up that point, the “TAM!” talk show, which was held in Las Vegas 2011, supported the fact that the cost of each man being sent to space would is way more expensive than sending out probes into the space (Neil Tyson). It was described that one manned exploration would be equal to the amount of doing hundreds to thousands of robotic space program (Neil Tyson). Using a comparison, it would have been logical to send a few probes to investigate a planet, rather than sending a few people to the planet, which may not make much difference. Even if the robots used were to have a shorter life expectancy, the overall cost of making another would still far less than sending two people up to the space. The tremendous cost to pay for a human space program also would never give a 100% certainty for the safety of those astronaut in the far distance space. In the case of emergency, help would be too far away to reach them on time. If robots were to die, money and time could be used to solve the problem. If it were humans who were in emergency, not only money and time that has to be dealt with, but also the social fear and hate that would arise and heavily impact the idea of space travel. The case of emergency relates to the next point that humans are rather fragile and unpredictable on alien living condition, compared to robots which could endure harsher condition.

Assuming we have to send people out to study planets like Neptune,
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