Human Sweatshops Outline

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ATTENTION GETTER: Somewhere, someone in this room is more than likely wearing a piece of clothing or accessory that has been produced in a human sweatshop. A Sweatshop is an unfit working environment considered to be too dangerous and difficult to work in. Their widespread outbreak happened in the mid 1800’s where clothing could be produced faster and inexpensive without regulations from overseers’.

PURPOSE: (relate topic to this audience and establish credibility): The purpose of this topic is to inform the audience about the history of the sweatshops, companies impacted because of allegations, and what improvements and changes have been made to end sweatshops in the U.S. and especially in
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2. The terms sweater for the middleman and sweat system for the process of subcontracting piecework were used in early critiques like Charles Kingsley's Cheap Clothes and Nasty, written in 1850, which described conditions in London, England. (Bloy 2013) .

C. SUBPOINT: In the early 1900’s complaints begun to spread about the factories.

1. Workplace safety and labor laws began to change working conditions for unfit factories. a. The 1911 Triangle Factory Fire killed 146 workers and exposed the cold truth about the unfit conditions beause…

b. The doors and stairs were kept locked so workers were forced to jump to their deaths or pass out and die of smoke inhalation.

Transition Sentence: Now that you have an understanding of what a sweatshop is and where they originated, I’ll next move into the companies that were affected by the situations

II. MAIN POINT (state as a single declarative sentence): Top companies have been hammered on their practices on sweatshops over the years.

A. SUBPOINT: American Appareal LA’s factory has taken heat in recent years

1. American Apparel promoted itself as a “sweatshop free” employer a. When workers’ urged for a union organized campaign, the company reacted in such a vicious manner that the National Labor Relations Board had to step in. (Dreier 2004 )

B. SUBPOINT: Nike has also taken heat of accused allegations
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