Human Technology And Its Impact On Society

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Control has been a goal for humanity since our creation, a way to create a society of civilized people, and many cultures have learned methods of technologies to enhance a controlled society of consumerism. In the same way, various religions use scripture or their literature, as a set of rules and regulations, which is a technology as explained, by George Ritzer, in The McDonaldization of Society. A human technology is a human using a tool to accomplish a job, but the tool is dependent on the human. On the other hand, non-human technology are tools used by businesses to control the individuals. Mr. Ritzer, emphasized that major McDonaldized businesses were utilizing technologies to further advance their business venture. These technologies are tools, of a sort, used to control the employee’s, environment, and a consistent product. In fact, as a soldier in the Army control becomes very evident from the first day of basic training; so, when our military travels around the world, the product is a very effective fighting force created through: regulations, knowledge, and rules. To begin, regulations are a common requirement for all employees to learn, and as a young soldier it seemed intimidating because of the large amount of information. For example, every aspect of the Army had a field manual or a book, like Physical Fitness training, Drill and Ceremonies, or the wear and appearance of the military uniform, and these manuals are used as a set guideline for all soldiers to
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