Human Themes in Rango

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Human Themes in Rango Nickelodeon’s movie, Rango, creates a microcosm society intended to parallel many different characteristics of human society through the use of animals. This movie shows how lack of resources in one area can affect humans. With limited resources humans will need to adapt to their surroundings and take full advantage of them for survival, and so everyone’s best efforts are contributed a government is made. A government can give its people a sense of their identity, but when government is not enough for their identity, religion and philosophy come in to fill the gaps. The movie tells a story of a lizard who is introduced into the real world for the first time. He is dropped into something new, and something new always…show more content…
When Rango adapts to the town, he becomes introduced to the government that is place at the town.
Often in human history, adaptations such as agriculture and stone tools will make bands of people more efficient. When these people become more efficient, they can obtain a surplus of resources. When bands of people have a surplus of resources they can start doing other things than just hunting and gathering. Sooner or later people start specializing. When bands of people start having certain jobs, a system for regulating human activities becomes needed. This system of organization is known as government. In the film, the government is represented by the mayor. The mayor though does a great job showing us that governments are often flawed. Governments are designed for the common good, but “power has it privileges.” The turtle learns of the privileges of power, which gives him an extremely human characteristic, greed. Greed is the source of many falls of government, as it is in Rango. The Roman Empire is an example, because they were so greedy and wanted to keep expanding their empire, they expanded too far and fell apart. Also, many countries start wars over resources that they already have; they just want more. Wars can drain a country until collapse, and because the government decides that they will fight the war, their greed is at fault. The mayor gets run out of town because he is greedy for a better civilization than the one
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