Human Thirst for Mobile Communication in a World of Increasing Social Segregation

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SSK13 - HD Essay (2010)
Learning & Communication Behaviour
Dani Denman
Unit: SSK13
Tutor: Alexandra Price
Words: (1,174 exc. references) Human thirst for mobile communication in a world of increasing social segregation Unlike most technologies, the mobile phone has taken the world by storm. There was a time when it was assumed that only the rich people were those who can afford mobile phones. It is most likely still true, however there is another thought needed for the modern world. People today, wealthy and those even considered poor, have the latest mobile phones. Everyone seems to own not one but even two or three mobile phones at the same time. Children as young as six years old are fond of texting, playing games, and
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In the eyes of Leysia Palen, a story of how mobile communication was used on September 11 was the day perception of mobile telephony changed. Mobile communication was no longer a novelty that was viewed as a means of maintaining social ties; there are various social consequences of mobile telephony that include the improved ability to synchronize events to the provision of security. Sadly the same technology that was used to send final “I love yous” & “good-byes” to loved ones, was the same technology used by the terrorists to plan, execute and communicate their missions. Schools are the traditional driving forces for young socialisation. The main problems raised by students using mobiles at school have been widely documented from “concerns over unacceptable social behaviour and txt-bullying, to problems with literacy and learning distractions”. (Twiss, 2009 p.70). Mobile phones are no longer a tool for making a simple phone call, they are now far more advanced with the ability to access the internet, listen to music, take photos and even MMS photos & video footage to other mobiles. This sounds all exciting and revolutionary, however in the school grounds it can be the teachers’ worst nightmare. Principal David Root, of Rocky River Middle School in Cleveland, Ohio says that “Kids are now taking pictures of

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