Human Tissues And Its Effects On Human Tissue Cells

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Researchers at University of Toronto, in the Engineering department of science have developed a microchip that will help the human tissue cells to grow and develop around that clip. This clip is called “person-on-a-chip”, however it is also called the Angiochip. This will not only help medical researchers and bioengineers discovers and test on these tissue cells without harming any humans, but it will also help discover new medicines that will solve a specific problem or disease. Professor Milica Radisic, has a student Boyang Zhang and his rest of their team from all over the world found a way in their lab to grow human tissues. This unique method did not just help them come up with the idea of growing these cells around an object, which will not only keep the cells alive but will also help them regenerate. So far the two types of tissue cells of an organ that they have been able to grow on the chip, are the heart, and the liver. This AngiaChip is a way to produce artificial environmental cells, and the real thing which will be able to grow while the chip is lying flat in a petri dish. The petri dish is a glass dish that is used mostly in biology to hold special cells or substances. They decided to grow heart cells around a silky structure, however they ended up growing the heart cells around sheets of Velcro. This not only helped the heart cells not break in half, but it also helped them regenerate and produce heart beats.Radisic said, "It 's a fully three-dimensional

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