Human Torture Essay

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I. Introduction
The American citizens have been wrestling with the question of whether their government intelligence agencies should be prohibited from using torture to gather information. Since the terrorist attacks on September 11th the American government vowed to do whatever it took to hunt down those involved. In May 2004, The New Yorker released photographs from the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. The disturbing pictures were released on the internet showing bodies of naked Iraqis piled onto each other being tortured and humiliated. There was a huge up roar, which caused President Bush to publicly apologize. Soon after, the CIA Conformed the use of waterboarding on three Al-Qaida suspects in 2002 and 2003, which further annihilated the debate. Since these reports, torture has been in the forefront of national politics, and the public has struggled to commit to either side.
A University of Montana study claimed that people's views of torture are often negative. However, those views change in a scenario where they felt closeness to potential victims. Results from the study suggested that people were considerably more likely to support torture during personal scenarios compared to distant scenarios. Although, people still perceive torture to be wrong, the study gives insight that many people are willing look past their moral objections in extreme situations.
This essay seeks to answer whether such a horrific tragedy like torture can ever be justifiable. Torture although…
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