Human Tracfficking as a Global Health Issue Essay

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Although slavery, as we known, may have been abolished throughout most of the world, a different form of slavery is lurking in the shadows. There is an estimated 27 million people currently in modern day slavery around the world. There are currently more people in slavery today than in any given time in history. (Free the Slaves, 2013) These are men, women, and children living under horrid conditions, stripped of all human rights. Included in that number are one million children that are exploited by the global sex trade every year. In the United States there is an estimated number of 50,000 foreign nationals being trafficked in every year and 400,000 domestic minors involved in this trafficking. (Dovydaitis, 2009) These are alarming …show more content…
(Dovydaitis, 2009)
Indentifying the Victims Due to the large number of victims in the United States, in our daily lives we may come into contact with some of these victims without evening knowing it. On the surface they may look normal; they may look like people that you see every day. As those in the health care field we are often the only professionals to interact with trafficking victims who are still in captivity. (Dovydaitis, 2009) Victims of human trafficking have a variety of health issues associated with “deprivation of food and sleep, extreme stress, hazards of travel, violence (physical and sexual), and hazardous work.” The abuse they endure can result in broken bones, contusions, dental problems (e.g., loss of teeth), and multiple sexually transmitted diseases. Although many do not have access to healthcare, some victims may seek medical attention. Trafficking victims typically receive health care only when their condition becomes serious. (Sabella, 2011) This is why it is important for health care workers to be able indentifying victims of human trafficking. Most of them are silently calling out for help and identifying those in need can help save lives. This is why there must be awareness and guidelines if we are to help victims of human trafficking.
The Campaign to Rescue and Restore Victims of Human Trafficking is an organization that works with federal agencies, mutual assistance associations, state partners,
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