Human Trafficking : A Form Of Modern Day Slavery

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Max Liu
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Issue on Human Trafficking
Stott and Ramey stated in their journal: “Human Trafficking described as a form of modern-day slavery, human trafficking tremendously violates the rights of its victims. Human trafficking is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing business of organized crime. Bales and Lize explained that human trafficking is a means by which people are brought into as well as maintained in, slavery and forced labor. It is an actual process of enslavement” (Stotts and Ramey, 36-47). Human trafficking is a violation to the whole community of human on the Earth. It destroys the well-developed human society. It is the new slavery of modern time, trading African slaves are not allowed
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Human trafficking affects a lot of people around the globe, people who are vulnerable have a higher chance to get involved in the business. Edwards and Luellen found out “Human trafficking involves millions of people, most of whom are female and half of whom are minors” (Stotts, 36-47). Human trafficking is a huge chain business; it connects with all the human resources department in the world. It might sound unfamiliar, but it is widely affecting everybody. When a company needs workers that are cheap and hardworking, they will highly likely to get in touch with the human traffickers. It is very obvious that when traffickers look for victims they will try to find females and minors first. Females and minors from poor places are the most vulnerable groups of people in the human society, it is enormously easy for traffickers to locate them as targets. Females and minors have a significantly low chance of fighting against human traffickers and they are normally easy to brainwash or mentally break down, besides people from poor places usually have little knowledge and they are easily tempted. Human trafficking does not only happen in the poor and undeveloped country like in south America or Africa, it also becomes the main issue in the developed region. Europe is considered as one of the most developed regions in the world. Although most countries in this region are rich, it still suffers from human trafficking. It forced
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