Human Trafficking : A Global Problem With Tremendous Social Impacts

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Human Trafficking
Jeremey Kruger
Grantham University

Abstract Human trafficking is a global problem with tremendous social impacts. Millions become and/or victims of human trafficking each year, yet many do not understand what human trafficking means. Quantitative data, collect by different agencies, is used to prove that human trafficking is a problem. Qualitative data is sued to define and explain human trafficking. The result of this research indicate that human trafficking is not only a global issue, but it is becoming an increasingly serious problem in the United States as well.

Disclaimer: The story used in the introduction to this paper is fictional, but it is based upon documented survivor’s
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This is not the future she or her parents dreamed of; she is a victim of human trafficking. This paper will define human trafficking, explain who is involved and why it is becoming an even larger global issue than it was in the past, and suggest possible solutions for ending this problem. Human trafficking has been around since the early beginnings of human civilization. Many simply called it slavery. The first cases of modern human trafficking victims were first discovered and made in to a publicized issue over 100 years ago. This began a movement to stop what was called, “white slavery,” prostitutes from European nations that were sent to brothels throughout the Western empires. This movement led to a series of four separate treaties in effort to combat this form of human trafficking. In addition to human sex trafficking, the late 1980’s brought forth to light the exploitation of migrant workers through forced human labor trafficking (Karmen, 2013). As time has passed, human trafficking has increased. According to the Polaris Project, an agency dedicated to the aid and rehabilitation of human trafficking victims, human trafficking is now a problem that occurs 365 days. What is human trafficking? Many mistakenly believe it to simply be slavery, when in fact it is a combination of three components. First, there must be an act of recruitment,
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