Human Trafficking : A Serious Crime And A Direct Violation Of Human Rights

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Intelligence Question: How human trafficking is currently impacted by increased law enforcement coverage at the southwest border aimed at reducing illegal alien smuggling into the country?
Summary: Human trafficking is a serious crime and a direct violation of human rights. It can be defined as an illegal trade of human beings in which they are treated as possessions to be controlled for labor intensive work like slavery, or exploited by being forced into prostitution. Every year, millions of people are trafficked globally and thousands of them are trafficked here or within the United States. “Women are victims in about 85% of sex trafficking cases, and for the men about 40% of labor trafficking cases. There are about 41% of sex
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• Created in 2005 - Operation against Smugglers Initiative on Safety and Security (OASISS) is an operation, along the many of them used by the U.S., to make sure the border security is strong and to ensure no ones crosses illegally. This operation includes customs border patrol agents teaming up with Mexican officials to share information and prosecute smugglers in the border areas. “The program was set up to identify and dismantle alien smuggling organizations through a bi-national prosecutorial program that includes expanding current liaison operations, gathering and exchanging data, and enhancing judicial consequences on both sides of the border.” ("Southwest Border Security Operations.”) The program has played a huge and important role in solving nearly 1500 cases. It also is responsible for these main advancements:
1. Lead the modification of the original program developed by US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) application from English to Spanish.
2. Managed the business workflow modification of the application to fit the needs of Attorney General Office of Mexico Government.
3. Lead the modification of specific program modules to enable exchange of data regarding OASISS cases.
4. Lead the establishment of a secure data exchange

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