Human Trafficking And Forced Prostitution

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Every year, about 700,000 women are trafficked to Western Europe. In this generation where communication and transportation can be done instantaneously has led to an increase in trafficking and prostitution over the past ten years. According to the United Nations Report, the trade now is worth about thirty billion dollars. Human trafficking and forced prostitution is a serious concern when it comes to being a global issue because it is a heinous violation of human rights. The upward trend of human trafficking and forced prostitution is a crime that victimizes men, women, and children. Traffickers are known for looking at this crime in terms of profit, not caring about the lives of human beings. In other words, human trafficking is…show more content…
First, to understand how an important domestic policy, the legal status of prostitution, affects the incidence of human trafficking, we must first examine the culture of prostitution. A research done at the University of Vienna was conducted to primarily answer the question of whether “there is a specific culture of prostitution and if so, how is it constituted?” This research was intended to highlight the lives of prostitutes in a “behind the scenes” format where the emphasis was given on their daily lives and routines. The research wanted to disregard the statistic prostitutes had become and give them an individual voice to tell their story. Lastly, the research wanted to concentrate on the stigma that surrounds prostitution and how that stigma affects these women. The study was able to highlight topics such as intimate relationships, dealing with stigma, mental conditions, and violence that comes with prostitution to truly comprehend these women and their situations. All of the prostitutes in this study claimed that having intimate relationships was out of the question them for mainly because men simply couldn’t handle the idea of having a girlfriend that did the work they did due to either jealousy or the idea of sharing the power they exerted over these women. Friendship was also another very sensitive topic for these women when it came to having meaningful relationships in their lives. Many of these women felt like
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