Human Trafficking And Human Rights Violations

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Human trafficking is one of today’s egregious human rights violations. Traffickers focus on the most vulnerable members of society, preying mostly on women, and children, yet men are also trafficked in high numbers. Trafficking of a person refers to the, “illegal trade of a human being for sexual exploitation or forced labor through abduction, force, threat, or fraud” (UNOC 2015). Human trafficking can come in many forms such as, sex exploitation, forced labour, as well as forced donor-ship. The truth about human-trafficking is very much misunderstood in today’s culture. Many victims of human trafficking consent to leaving their home country to enter into a world filled with hope and promise, only to find themselves in equally bad, if not worse living conditions. Human trafficking has been increasing in countries all over the globe especially Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand. There is a misunderstanding that this global issue only happens in third world countries, but civilized countries are involved as well. In the United States over the past several years, human trafficking has become a rapidly growing problem specifically in three cities in California: Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Fransisco.
Sex Exploitation: Thailand Thailand is one of the major destinations, and transit countries for trafficking in women and children for the purpose of sexual exploitation. The issue of sex exploitation is partially the fault of geography. By land Thailand borders several
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