Human Trafficking And Its Effects On Society

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Human trafficking is organized crime where human beings are controlled and exploited (Merriam-Webster). Despite slavery being illegal in the United States and countless countries around the world, human trafficking known as the "modern slavery" still exists both domestically and internationally. There are multiple forms of human trafficking such as forced labor, sex trafficking, child exploitation, organ and tissue trafficking, and people smuggling (INTERPOL). Specifically looking at sex trafficking there are issues in ensuring that individuals can lead successful lives in the aftermath of victimization. Sex trafficking is defines as sexual exploitation of an individual 's body in exchange for money or goods. Often these victims are…show more content…
Despite the valiant effort, these acts failed to protect women and children. Since the 1990s steps have been taken to both address and educate people on human and sex trafficking. A recent stride in education was in 2011 President Obama declared January "Human Trafficking Awareness Month" (Yong 2011). Find Recent Event THEORY Applying the Marxist conflict theory, one can see a perpetuating system of capitalism. The class system has some economic depth, but the true measure is the supply and demand of the system. The sex industry has illegal practices, but has proven to be one of the most profitable businesses (Beeks and Amir 2006). The bourgeoisie (upper class) are comparable to the traffickers, these individuals run the system of oppression. They create the laws, enforce them, and have the most financial and social gain. The middle class does not exist in the traditional Marxist model, but in the sex trafficking system, there seems to be a "middle class". This "middle class" are the individuals that allow the system to exist; these individuals are both consumers and third-party bystanders that assist in the dealings. This "class" of individuals have a range of socio-economic backgrounds and there is no true stereotype. The lower class are the victimized individuals, who become slaves to the sex industry. These individuals are forced to provide the services to make money for
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