Human Trafficking And The Terrorism

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Since the September 11, 2001 terrorist’s attack, matters of national security have been on the headlines in political discussions. Due to this, there have been establishments between crimes that are not associated with the security of the country and that of national security. Indeed, human trafficking crime has been added recently to the list of crimes that are been studied for implications of national security. In 2002, the US president Bush identified this relationship as merely theoretical and then recognized the concern of public policy and signed a national security directive, which linked human trafficking to terrorism and other insecurities . In this regard, the congress weighed on matters of intelligence reform and the terrorism…show more content…
The main reason of human trafficking is benefiting or profiting from the exploitation of the victim. Again, human trafficking does not need the crossing of an international border, or the victim been transported from one place to another . In the US, victims of trafficking may be US citizens, legal permanent residents or even visitors. There is no concrete evidence that indicate that human trafficking is one of the main factors that causes a country to be unstable. However, it can be said that this crime is indicative of a society that is decaying, and decaying societies lead to corrupt governments hence insecurity . Importing Crime through human trafficking Most of the crimes, in a certain level, depress the community in general, yet others do not only affect community or individual, but they can break the society fabric. Human trafficking is a crime that, but nature, leads to more crime. For instance, when a person is trafficked to the United States, a crime has been committed. Unlike a simple crime of armed robbery, which molests the rights of individuals, every time a trafficked person is forced to work, that is another crime that is committed. In addition, when a trafficked person is tortured in order to comply with the demand of handler, then that is a crime. In this regard, human trafficking is systematic with the criminal infrastructure that is built in support of the activity . However, there is where collective starts to corrode. One of the corrosion is
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