Human Trafficking And The United States

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Also, there is the matter of trust and fear. Victims are often, for example, frightened to believe they can accept help without owing something back. Some survivors are too afraid because they fear their traffickers too much to accept any services. Furthermore, it aggravates victims to find out that the time is takes for cases to be prosecuted and to gain protections is very extensive. Intensifying the existing laws to better defend human trafficking victims is critical.The United States Government, in 2000, certified the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act. This act helps prosecute traffickers and support victims. Since then the number of recognized victims of trafficking has risen as well as trials and social service providers working with survivors. Because of this it gives researchers an opportunity to track and study the issue deeper and come up with new solutions (Family Violence Prevention Fund, 2005). There are many routes and resources provided towards the approach to better tackle human trafficking in the United States. The most important first steps in a course of action are education, training, and protocols. It is apparent that public awareness of human trafficking is very significant. It is a crime that affects communities in which the crime is happening, groups of individuals, and individuals. Police and law enforcement should not be the only ones who placed with the entire burden of identifying victims. It would be more effective if
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