Human Trafficking

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An Invisible Issue: Human Trafficking Many people know the basics of what human trafficking is but what they don’t know is how often it occurs. People do not spend time thinking about how many people human trafficking affects or how to stop it. Human trafficking is an issue that is highly ignored. Many people believe that the selling of people into slavery is not a problem in America or not a big problem at all. The truth is that there are large amounts of human trafficking happening all over the world, even in the United States. People must be informed so society can begin to take action to stop the problem. There are many cases of human trafficking, mostly amongst women and children. Human trafficking specifically of women is used…show more content…
Society’s lack of knowledge about human trafficking causes them to be blinded by the fact that it is going on right in front of their eyes. Trafficking is essential to the existence of prostitution. When there are no available women new ones must be found (Leuchtag 3). Trafficking is modern day slavery, and prostitutes are sex slaves. Many prostitutes do not get to keep the money they earn; they must give the money to their “pimp” in exchange for food and shelter (Leuchtag 3).Around 50,000 women are trafficked in the United States each year and are sold to the sex trade (Veenstra 1472). These women become the prostitutes that so many men indulge in. Movies and television shows depict pimps as flashy and rich while their prostitutes work without complains. These movies obscure the reality of prostitution. Pimps traffic women against their will using threats and force (Walker-Rodriguez 1). People are being shielded from the harsh realities of prostitution. If people never realize that prostitution is a form of trafficking it becomes one more problem not being taken care of. Between the few people that know anything about human trafficking, and the many myths and falsehoods that are believed, people are kept from taking any action. People believe that victims of human trafficking are better off than when they were living at home in poor living conditions. The truth is human trafficking is “modern-day
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