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Stephanie Hepburn states that, "The US is one of the top 10 destinations for human trafficking—with tens of thousands of people trafficked into the country each year." Many people believe that since the United States is the land of opportunities, events like human trafficking do not exist; little do they know it happens everywhere. Human trafficking is a worldwide problem that plagues the United States; many people are oblivious to the issue and action needs to be taken to protect the innocent people who are involved. The United States is a major port for human trafficking and, “Due to the covert nature of human trafficking, it is difficult to ascertain which countries are the primary source nations for trafficking into the US”…show more content…
Both forms of human trafficking are dangerous and a threat to society; even though one is more known than the other. Statistics state that, “Between 600,000 and 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders each year” (Miller). This number does not even begin to include the millions more that are captured in their own countries (Miller). Miller says that, “By definition, human trafficking involves force, fraud, or coercion-legally sanitized words that cover intimidation, kidnapping, beatings, rape, deceit, abandonment, and murder.” Victims express the varieties of torture, psychological abuse, and physical deprivation that comes with the experience of being trafficked (Miller). In every case: Each victim is manipulated through the threat of violence or its use; each is a displaced person, in foreign circumstances that increase his or her dependence on the slaveholder; each represents a profitable input in an underground market but is also considered, paradoxically, a highly expendable input; and each is, practically, surviving in a reality that evades the intervention of law (Miller). Human trafficking turns people into completely disposable tools in order to make money (Miller). Traffickers are willing to go to any extent to make money because in reality that is what they are after. Human

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