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Slavery is a form of human bondage, in which people were forced to follow the demands of whoever owns them. Although it was abolished in the 19th century, slavery has been resurrected and has taken the form of human trafficking, a form of modern-day slavery, in which thousands of foreign people are smuggled across national borders as forced labor in factories, farms, and brothels. The way human traffickers persuade foreign women into coming to their country is forcing them against their will or falsely promising them the American dream. The threats that human trafficking present are that it deprives people of their human rights, it is a global health risk, and fuels the growth of organized crimes, like sex crimes. The United States has …show more content…
That was the case for a Nigerian woman by the name of Martina Okeke. In 1998, Martina was taken in by a Staten Island couple with a promise of a $300 monthly wage and tuition help for her children back in Nigeria, but never received a penny. 12 years later, her friends finally convinced her to speak out about her current situation. (Fox) In June 2001, two Indonesian women were promised a well-paying restaurant job in New York, but ended up working at a Brooklyn Brothel. When they arrived in New York, the men waiting for them had given them a $30,000 debt to pay up and if they refuse to work as prostitutes, they threaten to kill them. “Human trafficking for labor or sex would seem to be something from another country, however stories like these make it clear that it commonly practiced in modern-day New York.” (Fox) This implies that trafficking takes different forms in different parts of the United States, like in New York or in California. In 2000, a Berkeley landlord was charged with smuggling minors and keeping them as sex slaves and was sentenced to more than eight years in prison with a restitution payment of $2 million. One of his sex slaves suffered an accident that resulted in her death and leaving behind her younger sister, however, it had not been for a malfunctioning heater, none of those sex slaves would escape and live in state of misery. (Bergman) On December 4th, 2007, researchers

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