Human Trafficking From Latin America To Canada Essay

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The trafficking of humans for sexual purposes is being described as modern day slavery. The US State Department Trafficking in Person's 2008 report ranks Canada as a Tier One country, meaning Canada is a source, transit, and destination country for men, women and children (SIWSAG, 2009). Although not a top destination point for human traffickers, a conservative estimate states that approximately 800 people are trafficked into Canada annually. These people (mostly women and children) are transported into Canada illegally and harboured into bawdy houses and strip clubs across the country. Many of those who are trafficked come from Latin American countries, where the incredible poverty drives many into extreme circumstances where they may…show more content…
The leaders of trafficking rings plan out complex and convoluted methods to first trick the victim, then get her into the destination country, and finally to keep her complacent enough to stay in that country and not alert officials. Because of this, conviction of traffickers is very difficult and according to SIWSAG, the Sex Worker Safety Action Group of Vancouver, there have only ever been five convictions for domestic sex trafficking in Canada, and no international trafficking convictions (2009). This shows both a need for more police attention to the matter and better resources for trafficked women to encourage their escape from bondage and to begin rehabilitation. Women's sexual exploitation in Latin America is attributed to the gender-based social and economic inequalities that are so prominent in the societies where machismo is an accepted norm. In addition to this, many Latin American women experience a lack of economic resources, illiteracy, civil strife from political instability, and abuse within the home. All of this may force women to look for a better life and to escape their own, making them vulnerable to forces that can exploit their needs. With the the glamourized images of economic freedom in the Global North making their way onto television screens throughout the continent, it is not difficult to see how an impoverished and abused mother from Bogota can be coerced into a “waitressing” job
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