Human Trafficking. Human Trafficking Has Been A Problem

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Human Trafficking Human trafficking has been a problem for too long. It affects many people at a time. There are many stories about different people who had been taken. The traffickers have different strategies in order to pull in different people. Human trafficking is not only in America, but in every part of the world. Around 4.5 million victims get stuck in sex trafficking. There are many ways to help stop human trafficking that are not hard to do and do not cost any money. If everybody could join together and fight human trafficking then this problem could go away (Human). Human trafficking is a form of slavery. It involves fraud and force to fool the people who are involved. In some circumstances, women will think that they are…show more content…
Traffickers will also give their victims false hope by telling them that if he/she works hard enough, they will get to go home after a certain amount of time (Withers). When Karla Jacinto was only twelve years old she met an older man who she thought was amazing. He would buy her flowers, clothes, food, chocolates and many more sweet things that made her want to fall in love with him. Her mother was never around, so she thought it would be best to move in with him. Soon after she moved in with him, he started to show her how to perform sexual acts for money. He would take her around different towns and force her to perform sexual acts. She was raped by around thirty men every day. She never once got a break and she was held captive for four years. One time she saw that police had come and she thought that that was the day that she was going to be saved. Unfortunately, these cops were not there to rescue her or the other girls she was with. They were there to take advantage of Karla and the girls. When Karla was fifteen she gave birth to a girl. The man who took her was the father. He took away the baby for over a year and Karla was never allowed to see her. This was just one more way that he was going to keep Karla from running away. Finally, when Karla was sixteen she was rescued by an
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