Human Trafficking In Madagascar

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Historical Perspective

4. Slavery prevailed in the Indian Ocean region even before colonization by western powers, especially in island nations like Madagascar and Comoros, where slaves were brought from the east coast of Africa by Swahili traders. When Europeans arrived in the 17th and 18th centuries, the slave trade came into being and slaves from Madagascar were brought to these islands. 70 percent of all slaves brought to the islands between 1670 and 1769 were from Madagascar, while the rest came from Mozambique, the Swahili Coast, India and West Africa. At the same time Malagasy people were also transported to Oman and other Gulf nations. It has been estimated that over 160 000 slaves and reached the Mascarene Islands before 1810; they were brought in from India, Malaysia and Africa . Therefore, it can be seen that the problem of human trafficking in IOR is not a modern phenomenon but dates back to the medieval period.

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Before dwelling into the deeper aspects and impacts of the trafficking it is important to understand what human trafficking is and what are the reasons and circumstances that forces people to end up in these
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