Human Trafficking In Sacramento

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For the longest, Sacramento residents have been living inside of a bubble. They live blissfully unaware of the bustling human trafficking chains occuring right in the heart of California - Sacramento. They sleep soundly at night, not knowing about the dangerous underground of human trafficking chains awakening and starting their businesses. These human trafficking chains leave wounds on Sacramento, but it is only just being addressed with a bandage. The thing that people aren’t realizing is human trafficking chains are nothing new in Sacramento, especially when it has been rooted in Sacramento for many years, so raising awareness is not enough to completely address the problem of human trafficking. This is why I believe educating the public …show more content…

For many years, Sacramento’s human trafficking chains continuously functioned without going noticed. This is because human trafficking is a sensitive and serious issue, especially because human trafficking involves real life victims, so a majority of people feel uncomfortable discussing or just talking about the tragedies of human trafficking. This is why I believe educating the public about human trafficking will benefit society as a whole. It will encourage people to talk to each other about human trafficking, not feel ashamed or uncomfortable for just discussing human trafficking in general. For example, if people are educated about human trafficking, then they will be less likely in confusing prostitution for human trafficking. This problematic confusion happens because legislation and advocacy work often times blurs or denies differences between trafficking and sex work (Rewire.News). Many don’t know sex workers are men, women, or transgendered people who offer sexual services in exchange for money, but they do it voluntarily (Rewire.News). However, human trafficking is a practice of illegally transporting …show more content…

For example, the University of Notre Dame offers students two courses on human trafficking and community colleges in Michigan and Pennsylvania and other states holds annual seminars about human trafficking. If only California’s colleges and universities adopted this policy, I believe it will strongly benefit the fight against human trafficking in Sacramento. It will not only raise much needed awareness, but also educate generations about human trafficking, especially young people, who are often targeted by these human traffickers. A study managed in Chicago found 56% of prostituted women were runaway youth and similar numbers have been identified for male prostitutes (National Human Trafficking Hotline). This occurs since runaway and homeless youths lack strong supportive networks (National Human Trafficking Hotline). They flee into unfamiliar and unsafe environments, which human traffickers targets for potential victims (National Human Trafficking Hotline). This is why homeless or runaway youths often get approached by traffickers (National Human Trafficking Hotline). They’re young and easily impressionable, especially because they’re in need of shelter and help, so get lured by these traffickers. These traffickers act friendly and kind, just to lure victims into their traps, but they’re only playing nice to elicit commercial sex or services from the victims.

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