Human Trafficking In Sex Trafficking

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Sex Slavery is still recognized as the fastest growing illicit crime industry producing an estimated twenty-four- billion dollar in profit; sex trafficking ranks third amongst illicit offenses. Sex slaver serves as the face of modern-day sex trafficking exploiting millions of women and children every year within or across international borders. This illegal industry involves recruiting, transporting, and receipt of children or adults solely for self-exploitation. In other words, its seen as a horrendous crime, an assault on freedom and human dignity. It is palpable that sex slavery impacts all countries all over the world, although some countries experience greater levels compared to others. Notwithstanding motives for sex trafficking are both multifaceted and interrelated. Higher risk countries are those with fractured government’s, vulnerability due to poverty, the absence of sufficient protection against discrimination, and economic decline. Somalia, a country more vulnerable to modern slavery, renders the perfect opportunity to assess how individuals in searching for a better life ends up in the most unwanted predicament. This paper will examine- the meaning of sex slavery, how women and children become victims of such ghastly crimes, supplier, emissary, the consumer, and decide who is mostly at fault.
Somalia's federal government's inability to gain control over security and law enforcement once again categorized them as a special case country for the fourteenth
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